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streams live en rechtstreeks vanuit de ether.
Stream Wikipedia.
Streams of lower order joining a higher order stream do not change the order of the higher stream. Thus, if a first-order stream joins a second-order stream, it remains a second-order stream. It is not until a second-order stream combines with another second-order stream that it becomes a third-order stream.
Stream Definition of Stream by Merriam-Webster.
4: a ray of light. 5 a: a prevailing attitude or group has always run against the stream of current fashion. b: a dominant influence or line of development the influence of two streams of inheritance: genetic and cultural P.
STREAM meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary.
stream noun C SMALL RIVER. a small river that flows on or below the surface of the ground.: Rivers are wider, deeper, and longer than streams. stream noun C FLOW. a continuous flow.: The faucet leaked in a steady stream.

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